University groups

What are university groups?

University groups (HSG) are associations of students who plan joint activities, pursue the same interests, exchange views on topics or simply enjoy spending time together. In order to be officially registered as an HSG in Landau, you need to register with the StuPa!

What requirements must a university group fulfil?

  • In their areas of responsibility, university groups may only be a supplement to the organs of the student body enshrined in the Higher Education Act and may not take over any tasks of the existing student self-administration. An HSG must pursue a social, cultural and public interest in the interests of all students of the student body.
  • University groups consist of at least three regularly enrolled students and are basically open to all members of the student body. A university group may not charge membership fees and is obliged to keep a cash book of its income and expenditure. In the course of applying for funds from the student budget, the cash book must be disclosed to the AStA Finance Department and the Finance Committee retrospectively up to the last audit.
  • Acquisitions made by the university groups are the property of the student body. University groups are therefore obliged to keep an inventory of purchases. When a university group is dissolved, the finances, cash book and all purchases must be handed over to the student parliament.

What are the advantages of registering as a university group?

  • You can book rooms at the university for your activities free of charge.
  • For elected positions within your university group, we can issue you with certificates of honorary service, which you can use to apply for longer Bafög funding.


The student parliament is responsible for the registration of university groups (HSG). The registration application can be used for this purpose. Complete the application and send it to the presidium ( A decision on your application will then be made at the next meeting of the parliament. We would be happy if you came by to clarify any questions that may arise directly.

Please inform us immediately by email to the presidium (praesidium[at] if the contact address changes!