Election result 2022

This is how you voted in 2022:

List vote distribution:

Seat distribution

ListNumber of seats won
Club Marta*10
Campus Grün16
Linke Liste6

Erststimmen Verteilung

Club Marta*

Surname, first nameNumber of votes
Caroline Weise35
Alina Sellien30
Leonie Wittmann26
Johanna Listl 17

Campus Grün

Name, VornameStimmenanzahl
Laura Jung40
Lea Schumacher37
Hannah Trippner 25
Melvin Geib Caballero24
Samuel Malessa14
Niklas Freybe 13

Linke Liste

Name, VornameStimmenanzahl
Julia Hurtig16
Moritz Ranalder 10
Jana von der Au9
David Kaiser9
Robert Erben2

More info on the election

In accordance with §15 Paragraph 3, the election minutes can be viewed at the AStA secretariat until 22 July 2022. It is best to contact the election management by email beforehand, as the AStA secretariat is currently not continuously staffed. Within this period, the election can be contested in writing with reasons to the election management (wahlleitung[at]stupa-landau.de).

For further questions, please contact the election officers Simone Mangold and Emily Greifzu (wahlleitung(at)stupa-landau.de).